Choosing a Salt Flat Tour Company and preparing for Uyuni

There are so many companies that travel to Uyuni. It is overwhelming. All the prices for the 3 days 2 night tours (ending in Uyuni) are from 80.000 to 105.000 CP (130-155 USD). I decided to spend a bit more than the cheapest for hopefully a bit nicer accommodation, food, and jeeps. After spending a full half day wandering around I settled on Estrella del Sur.

Almost every street like this in San Pedro is lined with Tour Companies.

Almost every street like this in San Pedro is lined with Tour Companies.

It helped that I went to the tourist office which had a book of complaints/thank yous (Thanks for the tip Wikipedia!) and Estrella had a ton of compliments. The tour left the next morning and I was happy that a decision was made. Now time to prepare.

Well first, since I decided to stay an extra night, I had to find another place to stay and try to save some money from the tour I just booked. I booked a hostel for half the price I was paying (12 vs 24 USD) and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I then had to exchange CP for Bolvianos and CP to USD for the visa fee. I also had to buy water and some snacks as there are not many stores on this journey. Another important item was to charge all of my electronics as the accommodation is less than stellar throughout Uyuni. Word of advice: If you aren’t up for roughing it, or close to the equivalent of camping, the 3 day tour may not be for you.

So I think I’m all set ready to go, waiting for two Canadian girls I had met to meet up for a drink, when I realize I somehow lost one tennis shoe while changing hostels. To make matters worse, it was 8:45 pm and all the stores were closing. I retraced my 5 minute walk and went back to the other hostel to see if they found a shoe. No luck.

I am so lucky the one trekking store in the area was open just after nine. I literally asked for the shoe in my size and he closed the doors of the store. All I can say is, I would have been devastated if I didn’t have tennis shoes for this. Although this was more of an adventure than I hoped, the real adventure started the next day.

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